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Dancing through the storm

We wake up to find ourselves in an unfamiliar place. It is a time of uncertainty, a time of worry and a time of grief. Saying goodbye to a world and life that will never be the same.

Ballet has always been my saviour. I dance when I feel happy, I dance when I feel sad and I dance when nothing around me makes sense. Becoming lost in the moment and moving to music is my therapy. I felt the need to share this with my Ballet.Culture families. To help them dance through the storm.

Introducing online learning was an opportunity to stay connected. (Classes accessible to those that have enrolled with Ballet.Culture for Term 1). I was unsure how it would be received, especially by my Preschoolers and Adult dancers. Would they just watch the video? Would they dance with me?

The feedback, videos and photos has brought me so much happiness. The views per video grows by day, showing me that we are all still dancing.

The world around us might be changing, but we will always have Ballet.Culture.

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