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In July 2019, Ballet.Culture was founded by Suzanne.


Her aim was to create an inclusive dance environment, that welcomed people from all backgrounds to learn the wonderful benefits of Ballet.

At Ballet.Culture, dancers are encouraged to become the best version of themselves, through empowerment and connection.

Students have an opportunity to express themselves through music and movement, while learning the correct Ballet technique from qualified, friendly and supportive Teachers.

All Ballet.Culture classes remain small to provide quality learning experiences and for Teachers to establish strong relationships with each individual student.

We offer a variety of opportunities that inspire students to have fun, grow their confidence and become familiar with the art of performing.



"Ko te piko o te māhuri, ko tērā te tupu o te rākau".

The way in which the young sapling is nurtured, determines how the tree will grow.


Ballet - A moment in time where elegance, strength and passion come together in one magically graceful movement.


Owner | Founder 

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