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In 2021, we started a new tradition at Ballet.Culture.

Our very own
Ballet.Culture: EISTEDDFOD

What is an Eisteddfod?

An Eisteddfod is a Welsh celebration of Dance and Performing Arts, providing an opportunity for students to participate/compete in a friendly and fun environment.

Our Theme:

The Classic Ballet Stories.
Some of which has been performed since the 1800s.


- Classes learn a short dance that is inspired by a Classic Ballet Story.

- Music from the original Ballet is used.

- The story will be summarized and shared with students during Week 1 of Term 4.

- Each class will perform their dance as a group to Family and Friends on the last day of Term 4. Students can also choose to perform the dance as a duo or solo.

- Those performing as solos, will be recorded and judged, for a chance to receive a special designed Ballet.Culture:EISTEDDFOD trophy.


It is a wonderful opportunity for Ballet.Culture students to learn the history of Ballet through dancing, story telling and performing. Students have a chance to compete as individuals (optional).

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