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Ballet.Culture aims to achieve a culture that celebrates Ballet for all its greatness. Classes are choreographed accordingly, encouraging dancers to become the best version of themselves, through learning the correct technique, being able to express their individuality and enjoy everything that Ballet has to offer.


Ballet.Culture class names are inspired by the beauty of semi-precious gemstones.


"Nothing can dim the light that shines within" - Maya Angelou

Ballet by Design

With the amazing success and growth of Ballet.Culture, we have now added private lessons to our services.


These lessons will initially be designed for:


1. Existing Ballet.Culture Adult Ballet Dancers that would like to work on something specific or strengthen their existing technique.


2. Adults who want to join the Ballet.Culture family, but currently can't make the scheduled classes.


3. Adults that would like to have intensive training in Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT).



Online Programmes

 Due to demand, Ballet.Culture is now offering pre-recorded online videos.

You will receive:

- A link to a private YouTube channel, delivered directly to your inbox.

- The channel contains a variety of pre-recorded videos that are real and relatable,

- Created for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

- An opportunity to experience the endless benefits of Ballet, through technique and enjoyment.

-A wonderful way to keep the little dancer/s in your life inspired by exploring music, movement and using imagination for


-Unlimited access to watch anytime.


 Join the Ballet.Culture journey TODAY!


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