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Community Voice

Suzanne is able to use her advanced skills with the experienced dancers and still makes ballet fun (and age appropiate) for the little ones. Her enthusiasm and patience inspires her students and they love learning from her - Maree

My daughter loves learning ballet with Suzanne. She creates a warm, caring and encouraging environment. Her choreography is beautiful and the dancers have learnt so much - Jane

Love, love, LOVE Suzanne! She is a brilliant ballet teacher and the atmophere of her classes are so warm and friendly! She is amazing with our daughter. Suzanne is so friendly and professional in everything ballet she does. Cannot recommend her enough - Rosie

Suzanne is an AMAZING ballet teacher.

So patient and caring and she has such talent!! Can't recommend her enough!! - Kate

My daughter watched Suzanne dance and fell in love! She has been with Suzanne for a few years now and wants to dance with her forever. Suzanne is a kind and patient teacher with a caring disposition. This makes dancers feel valued and empowered. I watched my daughter dance and saw how much she grew I decided to do the beginners adult ballet as I have always wanted to learn. A wonderful group of ladies work together to support and encourage each other which wouldn’t happen without this special teacher. We couldn’t have found a better ballet teacher and school. Highly recommend!!!! Wish I could do 1000 stars - Casey

The beginner adult classes are so amazing. They are taught in such a clear way that it is easy and not stressful or too hardcore and intimidating! The children's classes are very engaging and all the kids love being there. Highly recommended for everyone. Now available online so even better! - Vanessa

Both my 7 year old daughter and myself are taking classes at Ballet.Culture and absolutely love it. Suzanne makes us feel like we are a part of an amazing family. Cannot recommend her and her classes enough. - Cille

My daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed dancing with Suzanne. She is the most incredible dance teacher. She oozes so much joy and is always bright and cheery. Her classes are a safe place for all learners. I love the fact that no matter what your dance abilities are she creates a safe place for you to take a risk and try something new. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she is kind and caring to all. We have been blessed to have her as our teacher this year - Candice

My daughter has been doing ballet with Suzanne since she was 2 years old (she is almost 6 now) and absolutely loves it. I started doing beginners adult ballet with Suzanne myself last year. Suzanne is a wonderful teacher who is personable, kind & witty as well as an extremely fantastic ballet instructor who takes the time to get to know each student & their abilities. Highly recommend!! - Kate

Amazing teacher who works brilliantly with preschoolers. My daughter absolutely loves the classes - Kate S.

Great class today Suzanne... you did a fab job... Well done you - Rose 

Hi Suzanne. M is loving this, thanks so much! - Harriet

Great video. Thanks Suzanne - Jodie


Thank you Suzanne, you made our afternoon! - Lisa

Thank you so much!! Helping with the entertainment! You're a legend!! - Emma

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