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I love the way you move...

Ballet has never been one of the cool kids in the dance world and society often has a misconception of what this art form entails. I know this, because I have done ballet for 33 years. But ballet is dance, and dancing should be considered a life changing experience. Teenagers: "Ballet is so lame" (I can relate, because as a teenager I was embarrassed to tell anyone I did ballet). Men: "You do ballet? Wow, you must be really flexible " (Yea, but I can also bench press your body weight with my legs). Women: "I am too old to try ballet now. It looks really hard" (It requires you to work hard, but it can also be quite simple. Either way it's a fantastic workout and comes with an incredible sense of achievement). The only people that need no explanation, are the under 7 year olds. To them, ballet is life. Skipping through the supermarket is second nature. Putting socks on require ballet toes. And running around outside need 'fairy wings' for balance. We can learn from their outlook. Both Wonder and Epic have inherited my passion for dance, each in their own unique way. Wonder will move to any music, arms/legs/bum synchronizing to create a never before seen move. Her taste in music is vast and developed as a fetus, when she would kick to the beat of Smashing Pumpkins and 50 cent, while contained in the small space of my womb (which led to a record amount of toilet breaks). Unfortunately Wonder recently informed me that she will not be doing ballet anymore. I am not going to lie, my heart shattered into tiny ballerina shaped fragments. Nevertheless, she still dances whenever and wherever possible (usually right before bedtime). Epic on the other hand, needs no music. He can dance to the sound of the dishwasher and make it look like the most natural thing in the world. Epic recently started copying the movements we do in our Mums and Bubs ballet class. He can plies/sauté and turn with such elegance and grace, like he is performing to an invisible audience. He laughs, he enjoys and he demonstrates freedom in it's purest form. I am all for boys/men dancing, because I have seen the incredible strength and physique that comes with being a male dancer. Something that I will be explaining to his Popa, who has already purchased Epic his first All Black jersey. Ballet is my comfort zone, it's what gives me a voice and the ability to express myself. So next time you are feeling let down by the chaos of life, put on your jam and dance like a child. With no fear, complete enjoyment and like everyone is watching...

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